Russia Announces The Complete Destruction Of ISIS In Syria

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In a historic moment, ignored by much of Western media, Russian military officials have announced the complete and utter defeat of ISIS in Syria. The Russian General Staff issued a statement Wednesday declaring that all territories previously under terrorist control were liberated in a final push by the Syrian Army this week, and with the support of Russian forces. 

“All terrorist units of ISIS on Syrian soil have been destroyed, and the territory is liberated,” Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Valery Gerasimov said in comments translated and published by RT"Therefore, as of today, there’s no territory controlled by ISIS in Syria,” he added. The announcement came during an annual briefing for foreign military attaches, and incidentally on the same day President Trump gave an extremely controversial televised address wherein he gave official US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, thus it could mean that the demise of one problem could give rise to another in an increasingly volatile and explosive Middle East environment. 

The rapid collapse of ISIS - which once controlled an area the size of Britain stretching from the edges of Aleppo to Mosul in Iraq, and down to Ramadi and Fallujah - began in earnest in early September when the Syrian Army breached ISIS lines around Deir Ezzor city, after which the city was fully liberated by early November. As ISIS retreated in the Deir Ezzor countryside, it lost its previous Syrian capital of Raqqa in mid-October to the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which also struck a deal to allow the quick exit of ISIS terrorists to other parts of Syria and region, according to a report by the BBC.

The Syrian Army this week continued its momentum in Deir Ezzor province, liberating the villages of Jalaa, Ramadi and Buq in rapid succession, while Russian bombers reportedly carried out massive strikes on remaining ISIS positions near al-Sayyal. Other locations were liberated in quick succession according to reports, including Khutaytah, ‘Abbas, Masra’at Shamr, Qit’ah, Mujawwadah, Jabal Nusuriyah, Tal Bani, and Tal Khinzir.

Syrian army celebrates the prior liberation of key territory. Image source: NDTV

After Russian President Vladimir Putin was briefed by his military staff on Wednesday, he acknowledged the end of the bulk of anti-ISIS military operations while also saying, “Naturally, there might be some spots of resistance, but the military work has been largely completed in the area and at the time. Completed with a full victory, I repeat, with a victory and defeat of the terrorists.” Putin further said that the political negotiation process over the future of Syria put in place by a Russia-Iran-Turkey agreement reached in Sochi last month must now become the focus, which may include future Syrian presidential elections. He cautioned, however, that this potential peace process will be “a very big and lengthy job."

Today's remarks followed an earlier address by Putin to a major gathering of Orthodox church leaders from around the world on Monday - an event hosted by the Russian Orthodox Church. Putin told the Christian leaders that Syria's ancient Christian heartland had been fully liberated: “The situation in this country [Syria] is gradually changing. The Syrian armed forces, supported by the Russian military, have liberated from terrorists almost the whole territory of the country, including historic Christian regions,” he said. Prior to the war, the Christian population in Syria was about 2 million, according to estimates. 

Indeed as early as March of 2012 the official Vatican news agency, Agenzia Fides, published a report citing “an ongoing ethnic cleansing of Christians” by anti-government fighters in Homs based on Syrian Orthodox church sources a report which made world headlines at the time. It was further widely reported in international press that 90% of the large Christian population of central Syria had been forcibly expelled and their homes confiscated by anti-Assad fighters.

Though the West had defended the insurgency as comprised of "moderate" Free Syrian Army fighters, this pattern of religious and ethnic cleansing became familiar throughout much of the rest of Syria as jihadists made gains in the midst of the war. When ISIS initially emerged on the Syrian battlefield in 2013 it routinely fought directly under and in coordination with US-backed FSA command structures - and later, in 2014, entire FSA groups would defect en mass to the Islamic State, taking their US/UK and Gulf-supplied weapons and communications gear with them - all of which allowed for the Islamic State's shockingly rapid growth. 

But when Russia militarily intervened in Syria in 2015 at the invitation of Damascus, the momentum changed dramatically in favor of the Syrian government, which painstakingly gained back territory over the following two years.

At the gathering of church leaders this week, Putin further stated that future stability in Syria was dependent on more than just military gains, but on refugees feeling secure enough to return to their homes, especially religious minorities which make up the pluralist fabric of Syrian society: “Over the past few years the Russian state alongside with the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as other religious organizations has provided humanitarian aid to Syria. It’s very important that the peaceful life is established as soon as possible, that the people can return to their homes, begin to rebuild the temples and churches,” Putin stressed.

Though Russian statements on Syria this week focused on declaring victory over ISIS, it is unclear what might be in store for al-Qaeda held Idlib in the coming months. Russia and other international powers have long weighed military options to dislodge the northwestern province from Hayat Ta?rir al-Sham (AQ in Syria) control, but with a highly concentrated civilian population, there are no easy options.

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So, no more gay British ISIS dance troupe?

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Well done Putin, and to the military men of Russia, Syria and others.

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One more reason for Hillary Clinton backers to try to get rid of Trump, so they can "paper clip" in IS jihadists into the United States to carry out terror attacks, in concert with the FBI.

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> they have been destroyed

> ignore these areas in pink, labeled "rebels"

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Why isn’t anyone thanking Trump?

Any other president and this would still be going on (proxy was for pipeline and all).

Who was the first general to point out and do something about Obama arming ISIS in Syria? (Hint: Mueller has a hard-on for him).

Less than a year and ISIS has been defeated in both Iraq and Syria.

Any news on the boots HRC and McStain were wearing?

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Oh big deal Russia it's heaps easy to kill them when you try whatever

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In Prostitutin Russia everything is simple. At war, just declare a victory regardless that you up to your ears in shit.

Just today ISIS shot down another Russian chopper. Apparently, nobody told ISIS fighters that the war is over.

People, you are so stupid. You believe to every shit just because nothing else left to believe in. Pathetic!

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In other news, Chump declares the complete destruction of the USA. It is now known as the USI - United States of Israel.

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Yay!  ISIS is gone.  The world is safe again.  Until tomorrow when ISIT emerges, followed by ISIU, ISIV and ISIW ... HEY!  What did you expect???  We still have a MIC to feed!





... eventually followed by ISRA, ISRB, ISRC ... but I should have left that for someone else to point out.

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skip a couple lines next time, it looks more convincing.  

this is great news; it is absolutely not what israel, saudi arabia, or the u.s. mossad likud deep state (dare we hope enough to call it a "faction"?) wanted.  and trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital may be good news as well for what it portends: that, having already altered u.s. policy to accept the "one state solution" (israeli citizenship for palestinians inside the borders of today's defacto eretz israel) as well as the (never gonna happen) two state solution, he has chosen and is going forward with the one state solution.

because trump is over it.  the two state solution is just israeli stalling.  like alexander the great's sword to the gordian knot, donald trump is cutting through the obfuscation and precedent and going, with israeli president reuvin rivlin, for the one state solution: israel gets all the conquests of the six day war and all the palestinians inside get full, voting israeli citizenship.  think about it: no maps, no rules of engagement, no endless negotiation over degrees of independence, no war.  israel gets all the land and all the palestinians as citizens.  so when trump asks israel, and the world, to support full voting citizenship for the palestinians, calling israel's bluff that it is a democracy, how can he be turned down? 


Gorgeous's picture

I agree.  Win-win.  Undoubtedly all negotiated behind the scenes.  After all, Israel was in the driver's seat the whole way.  They probably agreed to stand down in Syria in exchange for recognition of Jerusalem.  Above all, the Arabs did not want any solution, one state or two.

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full voting, lol....israelis will get full-er rights in the fine print on that bill

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Absolutely, and thanks to the SAA, Hezbollah and Iran.


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Mostly the SAA, especially those men who, in 2014 as the army neared collapse and defeat, didn't desert, but instead mounted up and went to war in broken down and under supplied equipment, with little hope of survival and less of victory.  Had they broken, no amount of outside help could have saved the Syrian state.  Syria today would look like Libya and, like Libya, face generations of struggle before a stable civil society reformed.

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Christians in Syria, murdered by troops, armed by that muslim Obama, who coukdnt manage to disarm Christians in America (to be gathered in fema camos and massacred) so he took out his anti-christ fantasies on Christians elsewhere.

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Not the FBI, wrong alphabet soup agency.

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@ Jumction,

The mission creep has now changed from Covert to Overt Status.

The Scripted False Narratives have not changed one bit. These Pure Evil War Criminal Psychopaths at the Deep State / CIA have Overdosed on their own "Blue Pills."

The Criminal Fraud UNITED STATES, CORP. INC's War Crimes are many & span decades.

The "Policy" of arming, funding & training Alqueda / Al CIA duh / ISIS /?I CIA SIS goes back to the days of the Mujahadeen.

This is merely a feeble attempt / Clandestine Operation of Highly Compartmentalized Criminal Levels of Intelligence used to formulate a False Narrative Script around a Psychological Operation to Gas Light the masses into illiciting a response of Anger, Divide & Hate.

Ordo Ab Chao.

Exactly what the Criminal Deep State Hq in Israel via Operation TALPIOT & The Yinon Plan expect & desire.

Activate the homegrown I CIA SIS terror cells alongside the domestic Antifa cells to distract, “divide & conquer.” Problem, reaction & solution.

All along it will be the Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths at the Deep State / CIA manipulating Perception from behind the curtain as the Saviors.

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Well at least now we know the real reason for the IOC hissy fit.

The DC Swamp dwellers are angry that their serial killer employees were crushed and shredded by the Ruskies.

All the money they poured into their sewer rat vermin killers for control of Syria went up in smoke.

So they decided to make Ruskie athletes pay for Russia's success at exterminating the ISIS infestation.

Way to go, Swamp -- keep funding serial killers with our tax money.

And lashing out like uppity Prima Donnas when things go south.


jeff montanye's picture

well at least many of us know that that's what the uppity prima donnas are doing: taking it out on the russians in sports enforcement what they couldn't manage on the battlefield.  prima donna is actually a very hard job.  these guys look more like chickenshits in hissy fits.

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The western countries should organise some kind of steroid-gobbling contest for their own teams like those hotdog eating championships. Particularly biathletes, cyclists, bobsledders, ice hockey players ... look out for the "moonfaces" :)

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Awesome job by Syria, Russia and their allies.   What is the deal with the supposed 2,000 US Marines that are not going to leave Syria? 

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"What is the deal with the supposed 2,000 US Marines that are not going to leave Syria? "

Those Marines are there to facilitate the establishment of IsraHell 2.0, a socialist utopia run by feminist Kurds working with the "ex" ISIS.

Marines/Socialism/Feminists/"ex"ISIS "Working together for a brighter future". That's a winning combination NOT.


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Bravo Russia and Syria, Bravo!

Npw., US, what business do you have here?

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But the dotard shabbos-goy-in-chief replaced ISIS with moving the US embassy to Jerusalem,just in time to overshadow the Russian success and increase tensions ,justifying the US army continuous presence there.

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Embassy move wasn't for jews it was for evangelicals. 

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It is Netanyahu's 'get out of jail free' card. The corruption investigation into him will go nowhere now. How could they jail the man that made the US openly agree that Jerusalem is the Jewish capital of Israel?

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No, it means that Russia has completely destroyed whatever Israeli and Amerikan SOCOM forces that might remain inside Syria.

Now, all that's left is the feeble attacks by the Israeli airforce while they try to avoid the Russian S-400 missile systems.

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It also means a statement that everybody "fighting ISIS" in Syria, thank you very much, can now get the fuck out, and any continued action will be considered an act of war.

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Everybody not invited by the Syrian government that is ... there is still work to do to get rid of the 'carefully vetted moderate rebels' and the Turds.

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And the 2K+ pairs of USA boots on Syrian soil.

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And President Redline gave a speech to a few people sometime this week...about anyone even notice? 

I love it when a plan comes together ;-)

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good move reason for US to be there

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We have no one to arm or fund anymore.

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"Outstanding, Red Team, outstanding! Get you a case of beer for that one."

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Absolute victory calls for Absolute Vodka, but since Russia seems to be heading back to the Gold Standard, Russian Standard Gold Vodka would seem to be more appropriate. Thank you Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, Russia and all the militias for erasiing this scourge. Salut.



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Wanna bet the US will not leave 'til they get a bloody nose and big,beautiful bruises in their ass?

You think moving the zionist entity's capital to Jerusalem is accidental at this precise time?

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too bad mcaine wasent one

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"in vietnam a lot of niggas died young........ too bad mcaine wasent on



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Thanks, Russia, but we over here forgot about ISIS a long time ago.

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to help refresh your memory, give a quick read of chris bollyn's the war on terror: the plot to rule the middle east.  the section on "isis" videos is particularly amusing.